Head Office

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Evropa Lek Pharma DOOEL Skopje
Jadranska magistrala 31
1000 Skopje, North Macedonia
Тел: (+389 2) 27 86 074

Headquarter and regional center Belgrade

Quality contact: julijana.tabakovska(at)

Compliance and GDPR contact: elena.dimovska(at)
Media contact: danijela.simovic(at)
Career contact: personal(at)


If you have any questions related to pharmacovigilance or you would like to report an adverse reaction to any drug or medical device, please contact us at: 071/344-568, 070/367-351, +389 (0) 2 2700 573 or pharmacovigilance(at)

If you are looking for contact details from other company member of PHOENIX group North Macedonia, please contact: