A career in PHOENIX, North Macedonia

Our corporate culture and business model rely on the fact that we welcome change and see it as a genuine opportunity. Our openness to new solutions and ideas and our unfailing curiosity are the driving forces behind our proactive approach to the development of new ideas and the ability to act with foresight. 

Our customers’ needs are equally important to us. We understand which services they need and how we can continue to improve them. This means we can develop a nuanced approach to the markets that allows us to achieve steady progress and success.

Working quickly and reliably – in close alignment with the needs of our customers: That’s what sets us apart.

We strive to be innovative and, by learning from each other, to respond to the growing demands of the market.

If you become part of our team, you will have the opportunity to work in a pleasant and productive work environment, with great opportunities for advancement and improvement.

PHOENIX expects you to be motivated, persistent, persevering and respecting corporate standards in a multinational environment.

If you want to take your "first steps" in PHOENIX and through practice or promotions be engaged in one of the companies operating in North Macedonia under the PHOENIX roof, contact us at: personal(at) or personal(at)