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PHOENIX Macedonia: employee of the Year

At the beginning of this year, in the PHOENIX Group Macedonia, we started a new initiative - the Selection of Employee of the Year. This initiative is based on the tendency to become traditional, and that every year on May 1, the Day of work, recognition is given to the employee who deserved it, achieving more than expected and in accordance with the company's values.

Each employee of both companies in PHOENIX can submit their proposal for the selection of workers of the year according to the following criteria:

• Commitment to quality fulfillment of obligations in the company

• Enthusiasm for taking initiatives, considering the need to improve processes in companies

• Good will to engage in activities outside the scope of work

• Positive and collegial relations with other employees in the sector, with other sectors and external associates

• Exchange of knowledge and experience with other colleagues

After summarizing the nominations given by the employees and the voting by the jury for the workers in 2020, Vaska Dojčinovska, the coordinator of revision and complaints in the logistics sector of PHOENIX Pharma, was elected. Vaska was chosen because of her competence in work processes and responsibilities, excellent communication with colleagues and external associates, as well as her willingness to help where needed.

Vaski will be awarded a statue and a money reward of € 300.

We congratulate our colleague on her election and wish her a lot of success in work!


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